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Is there anything that duct tape can't do?

The reliability of the windshield washers in the Volkswagen have become spotty over the past couple of messy seasons until they stopped working entirely this winter. Their motor would run, and it would drain the reservoir, but nothing would come out of the nozzles - not even the wan trickle l that I was getting from it in the spring.

I finally traced the problem to a break in the hose at the pivot point just below where it attaches to the base of the hood. The hose seems like it would be a chore to replace, and looking for a quick, temporary solution to hold it until spring, I took [personal profile] atara's suggestion and wrapped it in a couple layers of duct tape. I've tried fixing hoses with duct tape in the past with varying degrees of failure. My thinking was that the pressure is probably quite low in the washer hose, so duct tape might actually hold it for now. It did. With the unusually warm conditions we've been experiencing this winter, I'd have been loathe to take out the car without an operating washer.

In other news, I'm officially retired. My last day of work was January 1. They had a small ceremony for me at the office (about 30 people showed up - though more came through after to help themselves to the meat tray and other spread they'd laid out). On Thursday I stopped by the office to drop off my pass card, company cell phone and corporate credit card. Finally, on Friday we had an off-site celebration at a pub not far from our house.

They've made some noises about trying to get me back for a few months under contract sometime this year, but barring that, I am done with the railroad. I am now gainfully unemployed retired. My former employer will now pay me not to work. They've done that on more occasions than they would be comfortable to know over the years, but now it's under legitimate circumstances.

It hasn't really sunk in yet, and it probably won't for a couple more weeks. Right now it feels like I am on vacation. I think that when I get to the end of January and realize that I don't have to go back to the office - ever - the realization that I am a free agent will finally hit home.
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