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I set myself a reminder on my phone when I was at work today and then forgot about it because i was very busy. It was one of those, "OK Google, remind me of X when I get home" styles, so when I got out of the car and wandered back to inspect the garden, my phone gave me a polite, "Hey, you appear to be home now, and you set yourself a reminder" alarms.

I did not bother to check the reminder because as soon as it went off, I remembered that I had set one, and also that I was down to my last two coffee pods at work. That's the kind of thing I would set a reminder for. I have a new box of them at home, so I hung the grocery bag with the coffee pods over top of my backpack as a reminder in the morning.

I was just doing dishes prior to going to bed this evening, and as I was drying one of the forks, I suddenly remembered why I had set the reminder; I had forgotten to put the cutlery back in my backpack after we returned from vacation. I'd been forced to eat my salad and yoghurt with a plastic knife I'd found in our break room at the office. Initially I was going to let the dishes slide because there were only a few, but fortunately my conscience got the better of me.

And that's why you should always do your chores, kids.

That, or at least check your bloody reminders when they go off.
Tags: chores, lunch, work
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