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So much to say, so little words

I am just waiting for [personal profile] atara to finish unpacking groceries and then I am off to take over the kitchen so that I can make some "baked" beans for my lunches this week. Ever since we got the Instant Pot I have been looking for excuses to try and pressure cook things. I found a recipe for Boston-style beans that looks very simple, and quite good. The last time I made this style of beans I did it in the slow cooker. I am curious to see how different they come out with what is effectively the totally opposite cooking method.

On Friday we had a chat with the guy who handles our mutual funds. I told him of my tentative plan to retire this year. he ran our number and told me that I'd be crazy not to. He assured us that if I had setting up a plan to retire young, I'd gone about it the right way.

I admit that I spend way too much time on Reddit. I don't follow a huge number of subs, but I've come to notice quite a difference in the flavour of the subs, and specifically the type of person each attracts. There are three that stand out for me though in terms of their crowd.

Most Snobbish
r/coffee is a sub that I only joined recently, but it did not take me very long to realise that I am not even a shadow of a coffee snob compared to some of the folks in that sub.
Typical post: I got my latest overnight order in from last night. I burr-ground enough for one cup this morning, and spent thirty minutes picking through it to remove any grounds that were the wrong size until I had exactly 10.6 grams of grounds. I heated 8 ounces water to exactly 185 degrees Fahrenheit and I and processed it for three minutes and eighteen seconds in my inverted, reverse-osmosis Italian vacuum press. The resulting cup had a slightly off-putting, burnt cherry undertone that made me dump the whole thing down the drain in disgust. Can anybody help me with this? Is it possible I accidentally brought the water up to 185.5 degrees, or was it a mistake to let the beans sit in their shipping bag overnight?

Most Hipster
r/music is a sub where people seem to hate anything that anyone else likes.
Typical post: Most popular song from a relatively obscure 90s indie band.
Responses: I liked that band until they got radio play. :-(
That was their worst song, but I would listen the fuck out of [obscure song with no mass appeal]
That song was okay I guess, but [bonus track of the band burping and grunting] is my favourite driving tune of all time.

Most Pretentious
r/photography is the sub where the best camera is the one in your hand. Does gear matter? No. A good photographer can take amazing photographs with toy, plastic GI Joe camera.
Typical post: Here is a blog explaining all of the reasons why you suck as a photographer.
The used, $30,000 lens I ordered arrived today and boy am I excited to try it out on a wedding shoot.
I'm doing a wedding shoot tomorrow and they have a few specific requests for pictures. Am I justified to tell them to shut up and let me do my job?
I took a few pictures of my girlfriend yesterday [posts a few heavily-processed shots that are clearly meant to show off the girl rather than his photographing skills].
Not that gear matters, but I am thinking of upgrading from [$100,000 camera body] to [$200,000 camera body]. Does anyone here have experience or advice with it?
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