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Christmas Quiz

I found a cute little quiz buried in the middle of an article that my brother shared on Facebook last night.

As we slide into the last week of the long Christmas celebration, two pressing questions come to mind. The first one is, who thinks that it is a good idea to give frankincense and myrrh as baby gifts? I'll bet Mary would have been way happier to receive things like diapers, baby clothes, and maybe a proper crib.

The other question is, how well do you know your Jesus? Since this coming date has been arbitrarily chosen to celebrate his birthday, I think it behooves us to know a bit about him while we're engaging in the excesses of the holiday season.

Here is a quiz about his life and death. Don't be disappointed if you get some wrong, I missed a few as well.

Nothing says "Happy Birthday Jesus" like a fake tree covered in pagan decorations.
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