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Facebook makes me want to cut myself

One of the problems with Facebook (note that I say "one of") is the volume of stupid memes I see posted there from friends and family. Mostly friends.

I won't get into the maths ones because I have ranted here about those ones in an earlier post. Today's complaint is about the plethora of slightly smug memes that I sum up as, "Them young whipper-snappers wouldn't understand this." They all follow essentially the same pattern involving a picture of obsolete technology, and an invitation to like if you know what this is, share if you have ever seen/touched/used/licked one. What they are really saying is, "Respond if you are an old fucker like me."

I had a few in my time-line today, one of which was a picture of a column shifter with the legend, "Like if you know what this is, share if you have ever used one." Mercifully, this one did not include the usual long string of stupid "laugh until tears" emoji. I neither liked, nor shared it because I am acutely aware that I am getting older, and I do not need constant affirmation from friends that they are as well. For the record, I have also used a top-loading VCR, I have used a Rolodex, a Mimeograph, a chest-style pop machine, a slide rule... I get it. We're getting older.

If some of my family members on Facebook did not have such sensitive sensibilities, I would start sharing slightly more interesting memes.

Facebook Meme

I don't expect that I would get a lot of likes or shares though.
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