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In other news that does not involved politics

I am just waiting for atara to finish the last load of wash so that I can begin packing for my latest trip. I am heading off to Calgary again for two more weeks of training in the locomotive simulators. From people who have spent lots of time in them, and then spent time driving a real train, the consensus seems to be that they don't really prepare you for reality. They give you some good basics for handling, but once you get behind the controls of a real engine and feel the torque and forces bouncing you around, it is hard to get a true feel for proper handling. I guess I will find out soon enough because I am going to get scheduled on the Subdivision train at some point as part of my training.

I am not volunteering my time though - I am letting them come to me and tell me where to go next. This is all being done under protest.

At atara's suggestion, I went out and fired up the snow blower while the weather is still pleasant. If I can break the seal now, it will make it much easier when I need to start it in -30 weather sometime in the winter. It fired up comparatively easily this time around. I added a bit of fresh gas to it, cleaned the spark plug and primed the heck out of it, and it actually fired up on about the sixth try with nary a backfire. It remains to be seen if we will need it this year. Snow tends to come in small "screw you!" doses in this part of the world - enough to need shovelling, but not quite enough to warrant the pain of fighting with a snow blower.

Not surprisingly, two of the other things that I really miss when I get sent away on business (atara is just a given) is our cats. Belladonna always curls up and sleeps on top of me when I go to bed at night, and usually Merry hops up and cuddles with me for the first while after I retire. Having a cat curled up on me while I sleep is actually kind of comforting, and I find that I don't sleep as well when she is not there.


After years of playing her, I have relegated my priest to an alt role in WoW. I was away on training during the critical phase of this expansion when I could be running things with the guild to gear her up and secure a raid spot. We had a healer who quit the guild during Pandaria come back and grab a spot. We've had a couple of other people join the guild with healers, and suddenly there is no room for another. We are literally tripping over healers. Even then, I figured I might keep gearing up so that I could serve as an emergency backup, but that would mean pugging content, and I'm not really a fan of that. Can't get into any guild runs because all of our guild tanks have pocket healers, so there is no room for a slightly under-geared priest.

On the plus side, I am having a lot more fun playing my druid anyway. I could have geared up my priest's shadow gear to get a DPS spot, but I am completely unenamoured with the shadow play this expansion. Part of that is the insulting design that requires you to take a self-destruct button in order to put out competitive damage. I toyed with the spriest until it just became too aggravating to keep going, and then I switched to my druid. I am doing the daily world quests on my priest, and continuing to upgrade her weapon, but I am not going to invest a lot of time in the character this expansion I think.

I was a bit underwhelmed with my druid during Warlords, but they've juggled things around a bit, and she is actually a pleasure to run on world quests. Depending on the quest, I can either grind my way through them as an nigh-indestructible bear, or nuke things with my death chicken. While the chicken does not have the same potential damage maximum as my shadow priest would, she also has no ramp-up time, and wonderfully satisfying burst damage. There is something satisfying about 1-2 shot kills.
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