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I completely forgot about my Halloween avatars. Oh well, it's still Halloween...ish until Christmas, right?

I posted here earlier about how I had been doing some work on our basement server to try and make it more stable. Since then, the server has been running much more reliably and I have cut its reboot cycle back to once a week on Sundays. If it still seems to be holding up by earlier December, I may cut that back to monthly - or just dispense with the reboot cycles since it probably reboots often enough on its own with Windows patches.

I celebrated its stability this evening by heading down and hooking up the scanner again. I grabbed a random pack of pictures out of our box in the living room, and discovered that the first (or possibly last) shot on the roll was a picture of Jaws. I didn't realize that I had any film pictures of her, but I guess we had her right around the time when we were transitioning from film to digital.

When you are trying to take and post a picture every day of the year, it should be no surprise that you run short on material after awhile. With the days getting shorter, and the weather getting sketchier, I'm taking more and more shots indoors again. I actually took this one when I had moved to the bedrom with my portable so that I didn't have to listen to the baseball game. It was getting to depressing.

Now that the Cubs have won, I hope they can sink back into obscurity again. Nothing against the team, but people have been jizzing themselves over them ever since they were mentioned in Back to The Future.
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