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Creepy Clowns

What the hell is up with this creepy clown meme? I just started hearing about it a week or two back, and today they were talking about a couple of local teens who got arrested for dressing up as creepy clowns and chasing after people. The police gave them a stern lecture and released them under the promise not to do it again.

These people are giving legitimately creepy, psychopathic killer clowns a bad name.

I've been following the current US political cycle with some interest, though I have been largely steering clear of discussing it because there is little rational debate to be had in this election.

I find it hard to side with strong supporters of either main candidate, but partly that's because I thoroughly dislike both of them. I suppose that puts me in with the majority of US voters, because unless things have changed in the last few days, these are the two most unpopular candidates ever to enter the running against each other. I can't shake the feeling that the only reason Trump is not trailing by a landslide right now is because Clinton is so unpopular as well.

It's not like there were not polls during the primaries warning of this, but the Democrats were jizzing so hard at the prospect of following up the first black president with the first female one that they ignored those warnings.

I hope she wins, not because I like her in the least - I think she's a political hack and corporatist in all the worst ways - but because Trump would be an unmitigated disaster. Worse, if anything happened to him after the election then Pence would be in charge. He's even worse.

This election has all the earmarks of having the lowest voter turnout for a presidential election - which, historically, would be bad for Clinton. It's scary to think that an evil clown could win the office because people could not swallow back the bile long enough to get out and vote for somebody they hate.

Regardless of who you support (or least detest) in this election, do everyone a favour and get out and vote. Don't let this election be decided by cynical voter apathy.

There is a community garden by the farmers' market. I took this picture last weekend, and by this weekend the vines were naught but wilted black traces on the ground following a hard frost. This is the latest frost I can recall in these parts.

Merry likes to help with making the bed. She's such a big help.
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