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The skinny of late

About a month ago I had a rude shock when I stepped on the scale. I knew that I had been backsliding a bit over the late summer in my quest to lose weight, but when I weighed myself to see how badly I had been doing, I crushed the scale at a >16 pounds heaver than my previous weighing. I certainly did not feel like I had put on that much weight, so I stepped off the scale and tried again, getting the same results. I was dumbfounded (to put it mildly).

I was sure that I would have noticed that much of a weight gain in the fit of my clothes, but my belt was still going down to the same notch, and my watch was still hanging just as loosely on my wrist. I stripped naked (try not to let that image burn into your brain) and stepped onto the scale again. Now it read the same, less my clothes. I admit that this hit me rather hard, and I felt a wash of despair that so many months of work could have been undone in just a few weeks. I had worked hard to lose that weight, and I was not happy to have it all back again.

Fast forward to a few weeks later. I have been making token efforts to - if not shed weight, at least not put any more on. I know that my weight is down because I have a ring-less finger to prove it. I lost my wedding ring when I was out in Calgary last week. I am 90% sure that it flew off my finger while I was brushing snow off my rental car. The ring was a bit loose on me to begin with, and my hands went completely numb from the cold as I was brushing and sweeping the snow from the windshield (the rental company did not provide me with a brush).

Alas, I think the ring likely flew off with a clump of snow as I was clearing it, and I did not notice it because I had no feeling in my fingers at that moment. I phone our company police and reported the loss, but I have not heard anything back, so I suspect that it has not turned up.

Anyway, as I was dressing and preparing to head out for a walk this afternoon, I noticed the incriminating scale leaning up where I had last left it, and I decided to give myself another weight to get measure of how much ground I had to make up. Imagine my surprise when it showed me up by just over a pound.

That is, just over a pound above my previous lowest weighing. Either the scale was misbehaving earlier, or I have lost ~15 pounds in the past three weeks. That won't get me my ring back, but I'll take a small another small positive in my life just now.

Here is a picture of the snow that I mentioned. What makes me sad about this shot is that I had already lost my ring when I took this picture, but I did not realize it yet.

Calgary is thick with magpies. We have them in Winnipeg as well, but not big flocks of them like they have in cowtown. Very pretty birds, but noisy as hell.

I was hoping to get some good pictures of the colours changes this fall, but between travel and work, the best I managed was this shot from my cell phone while walking through the parking lot of The Brick.

This was one of the hardy flowers that was still hanging on against the cold.
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