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New Expansion

It was hot and muggy in the house this evening, so we both agreed that dining out seemed the thing to do. We tossed out ideas before deciding on a burger place up in the west end of town that we have been meaning to try. It has been around for years, and it has garnered pretty good ratings, and decent word-of-mouth.

The best thing about the place was its 50s diner atmosphere. Sadly the food was greasy and forgettable. We need to remind ourselves that when Winnipeggers wax poetic about how good a restaurant is, what they usually mean is that it has large portions for the price. This was not the worst burger place at which I have ever dined, but it was far from the best. Neither of us are in a hurry to return.

I have been grinding out the demon invasion events in the lead up to the next expansion to try and catch up the gear on a couple of my alts. I am probably going to trim the number of active alts I have going forward - my current batch were mostly levelled up to sit in their garrisons and generate money. Now that they have cut that revenue stream, I will likely just leave them parked where they are and dip into their savings now and then when I run short on my main characters.

I think I will likely funnel most of my effort into my priest, my two rogues, and my druid (in that order - unless they have made druids more fun in the next expansion). Three of them are Horde, and one is my token Alliance character. I have played almost exclusively Horde since the game came out, in part because most of my friends are Horde, and in part because I find the Alliance to be a bit too prissy and self-righteous for my liking. Still, I like to sneak over there once in awhile to stir things up.

I finally got around to transmogrifying my Worgen's gear. All but the helmet are from the same set which I meticulously farmed. Initially I farmed the gear because I thought it would make a fugly set, but once it was complete, it wasn't bad at all. The helmet from this set is not terrible, but I wanted to show off her features, so I gave her an eye patch to make her look more roguish. I'm not entirely sold on the shoulders either, but I'm torn between keeping the integrity of the set, or replacing them with something a bit more low-key.
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