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A picture a day

I started off 2016 with a personal goal of taking and posting a new picture every day of the year, in spite of the fact that I have tried and failed to do this twice before. Rather, perhaps it's more because I have failed twice before. I am not going to judge my life on my failure or success this year because things can happen in one's life that can lay the best plans aside, but this is one of my goals for the year. With 108 days and picture behind me, and 258 still ahead, I think that I can at least allow myself a "so far, so good" without jinxing the effort going forward.

I try to mix up what I post every day, though I admit that a fair percentage of them are turning out to be pictures of our cats. Cats are just so gosh darned photogenic though, so I only feel partially responsible for that. Naturally in a project like this, there is going to be a number of pictures that are the result of scrambling around at the last moment, looking for a shot that day. Those shots, and cats aside, I am trying for a nice mix of shots that are topical, versus shots that are just artsy or experimental.

Under "topical" would be this picture of my Pebble, showing that I did 11,000 steps that day. While that is not a lot of steps for most people, that's quite a landmark for me because I work at a very sedentary job. I am lucky to get in 7,000 steps in a day.

Another topical picture is the large hold a few blocks from our house. The street has been blocked to traffic for months, and while we've ignored it for the entire winter, we finally got curious enough to walk up there earlier this week for a look. Although you cannot see them in this shot, the inside of the hole is lined with life preservers, presumably because they are well below river level.

An example of a non-topical shot would be this one of my keyboard shot through a glass of white wine. Alas, it has become a bit more topical since it was shot because my current prescription forbids me from drinking alcohol. While I'm not exactly curled into a foetal ball over being prohibited from alcohol, it's going to suck when we get into grilling weather. Grilling and a glass of cold ale have become inextricably tied for me. I suppose I can substitute ice water or the like, but it just won't be the same.

Another of the ones that I would deem more artsy than relevant is this one of the Chinese fan I found in the array of stuff on my computer desk.

Even with whatever other motivations I have for this project, in the end it serves as a bunch of memories for me. I can look at this spread of shots on my front page in Flickr, and immediately I am taken back to when the picture was shot.
Picture a Day Metapicture
It's a cold, rainy day that coaxes one into skipping church to stay home and drink coffee.
Since we are both trying to lose weight, we don't dine out as often, so sushi is a special treat.
Merry is obsessed with getting a lap.
How can I make this Chinese fan interesting?
This eclectic mix of things on the shelf behind the garage caught my eye as I was grilling.
We finally discovered why they've had the street blocked for months.
I spotted these brightly coloured spools on a telephone pole during a 4 1/2 mile walk around our end of town.
Sunday brunch after church.
I was feeling a bit artistic after we were done cleaning out the pantry of expired foods.
I reached the bottom of the bottle for my first presciption.
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