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Mister Stabby

I am starting to get the hang of stabbing myself three times a day for blood. I hate needles, and I am not strong at the sight of blood (especially my own), but I am under orders, so I do what I must. I figured that as long as I am going to the trouble of sucking out my own blood to gather data, I may as well build some statistics from it. When I see the doctor again next month, I plan to pull out my Surface and show him charts with variants on my weight and glucose levels.

This is the little prick that I need to use for drawing blood. I have nicknamed him Mister Stabby.
I got my first misread today when the strip did not get enough blood from the pathetic drop I offered it in sacrifice. It wanted more blood. More blood.

atara recommended that I should start calling it Audrey.

Audrey it is.

Curiously, my readings have been trending downward since I started monitoring them.

We de-cluttered the kitchen a bit yesterday, and one of the things we found in the pantry was a stash of tomato soup. Based on the expiry dates, it looks like we bought a flat of soup while it was on sale back in 2009ish, and it got covered by other clutter after we'd gone through about half of it. As it was six years past expired, we decided not to take a chance on it, so I emptied the cans and recycled them. I could not pass up the opportunity to line them up for a Warholesque picture first, though.
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