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What's in the fridge?

Just when we thought that winter was finally behind us, yesterday hit us with this:

Enough with the cold already. We get it - winter is harsh here. March came in like a lion and went out like a grumpy, dyspeptic lion. It's April now; cut us a break.

atara and I discussed going out for breakfast/brunch this morning, but neither of us felt motivated enough to deal with the cold and snow. We went rooting through the refrigerator to see what we could do for breakfast, and we noticed an avocado that had been languishing in the vegetable crisper for the past couple of weeks since we'd bought it on sale. That said "scrambled eggs" to me. What - doesn't everyone's avocados talk to them?

I whipped up something boring to feed atara, then whipped up some experimental scrambled eggs for myself. I cracked three eggs into a bowl, added a pinch of kosher salt, white pepper and a dash of nutmeg 1 and gently whisked it all together with a fork.

I dropped about half a tablespoon of butter into a non-stick pan and left it over low-medium heat until it began to froth, then I poured in the egg mixture. I gently agitated the eggs with a spoonula until they just started to set, then I added half of a diced avocado, and about a quarter cup of mild, chunky salsa that has been languishing in the refrigerator since last last year. I continued gently pushing and turning the eggs in the pan until they were just cooked, but still wonderfully creamy. Usually I'd have added a dash of cream or yoghurt at this point, but the salsa had already added a fair bit of liquid, and I was afraid of making them runny.

The result was really good. Two thumbs up. I would do this again.

One thing that I think would have improved on this a bit would have been some fresh chives or cilantro chopped over the top after it was plated. I'll try that once we have our herb garden going again this summer. This would also have worked very well wrapped in a soft tortilla with a bit of shredded cheese.

1 Yes, nutmeg. No, I'm not crazy. We've been binge-watching a Youtube channel on 17th century cooking, and I noticed that they added nutmeg to almost everything back then. I probably would have used mace for this instead of nutmeg if we had any, but I added it in a small enough quantity as to not overpower the rest of the flavours. You would be able to detect the flavour if you knew I'd added it, but I think for most it would fallen into the category of, "I know you've done something different here, but I can't quite put my finger on it." It worked really well.
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