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Fifteen years.

So far, so good.

Some comparatively positive developments at work the past while. I posted about it at more length earlier, but I removed the post again after atara noted that it had a lot of details that could trace it back to me.
The short of it is that we lost a very toxic manager, and our managing director honoured my request to move to a department that I felt was more suited to my skills. Other than the threat of operations training and deployment looming over my head, there is a lot less stress in my life today.

I had an awkward moment yesterday evening as I paused in the kitchen, saw my pill bottle on the table, and could not remember if I had taken my evening pill. This is not a prescription that one wants to accidentally double-up on, but neither do I want to get into the habit of negligently skipping them either. I reviewed the evening in my brain and had no memory of taking one, though I remembered intending to earlier, so I popped one down the hatch. atara was understandably alarmed, and could not believe that I had not simply thought to count the remaining pills.

I did that after the fact and noted that I had been correct. Still, she dug out one of those pill containers that has little morning/afternoon doors for each day of the week and I loaded them up with the proper doses. Better safe than sorry I guess.
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