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Well then...

I got the results back from some of the tests I'd been taking in order to qualify for the engineer training I am being bullied into at work. Since this is the first time I have undergone a full physical since I was the age when a the doctor gave me a lollipop and told me I'd been a brave boy, I was expecting to find quite a number of things wrong.

Surprisingly, I am actually in pretty good shape for my age and, well, my shape. I am undeniably obese.

I knew that I would have high blood pressure.

I wasn't prepared for the part where I am diabetic.

I have to take two of these every day for three weeks and go back for further testing to see if I have got it under control.

atara thinks that all of the stress I have been under for the past few weeks may have contributed, since stress can screw up your insulin levels.

My bit of amusement was when I passed this news along to the Occupational Health Services nurse at work. She had been expecting to get some updates on my EKG readings, and the other things they'd been mildly concerned about.

"You're what now? This was just diagnosed?"

"Yes. Sorry. I learned of it about two hours before you are learning of it now."

Apparently that is another thing that they can't let through on a safety-sensitive position, so she's said that she is going to refuse to pass me medically until I get more testing done to see if we can get it under control.

On the plus side, that means I don't have to fly out to Calgary for two intensive weeks of training on Monday.

On the down side, I have diabetes.
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