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Does it make the heart grow fonder?

Absinthe seemed like a better idea when I was buying then when I am drinking it. Maybe I just haven't found the right brand, but I put it somewhere about on par with drinking Nyquil, but without the subtlety. I've looked up various instructions on how to properly prepare it for drinking, and while they've made it less unpalatable, I've yet to find anything that would render it ... good.


I've managed to not miss a day in pictures yet this year, though some of them are admittedly lame as I find myself bandying about the house just ahead of bed time, looking for something interesting to snap. Yesterday we did an outing to the zoo though, and I came away with some decent shots.

While this is not a particularly great shot in most respects, I do like the play of the light in it.
Swim with the bears

The denizens of the zoo see hundreds of people pass by every day, to the point that I'm sure most of us are just features of the landscape to them. It's satisfying when at least one of them considers you interesting enough to capture their attention for at least a few moments before they settle into a nap. It wasn't until I saw the picture later on my computer that I realized the snow leopard was watching me, and not looking past me.
Pretty kitty
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