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Double Jeopardy Weekend

Saturday morning started with me fighting our home network. Ever since I updated the basement server to Windows 10, it has become a constant fight to keep it on the network. Even before the phone company replaced our modem with a modem/router, it had been a bit unreliable. I managed to get the basement server to see the network, and then in the middle of transferring some files, it died again. I tried removing and reinstalling the drivers for the little USB adapter I was using to connect it to our wireless network, but although I could get it to connect and work for awhile, it would just as quickly disconnect. Even when it connected, the transfer rate was abysmal.

Half the time, Windows did not even want to recognize the adapter and mapped it out to one of those 169.254.#.# addresses.

Then something bigger came up, and I put the network aside. I was just getting ready for a shower when atara came running upstairs and calmly complained that the sewer was backed up again. Well, except for the calm part. The only reason it had not backed right into the basement is because the basin had filled up to the level of the weeping tiles, so our sewage was flowing out under the house. Lovely. I called the same plumbers as we had out the last time, and they snaked out the tree roots that had been blocking it. Normally they only sent out one guy, but this one had an apprentice.

I asked him if the problem might be because our drain had collapsed. Our front yard has sunk dramatically right at the edge of our property line, but he assured me that if the drain had collapsed, the metal bit on the end of the snake would have sustained considerable damage. He said that they had to extend >48' before they encountered roots, and by his estimates that would put it right where our line joins the city sewer. He opined that our elm tree was the likely culprit, and he also mentioned that it is not unusual to have to clear the outside line every couple of years in older parts of town like ours.

We are still toying with the idea of hiring a company to run a camera down the length of the pipe for our peace of mind. Replacing the front walk is one of the tasks on our radar, and we do not want to go to the expense of replacing it, only to have to dig it up again a year or two later to replace the line.

I was dredging through some of my older pictures today, looking for ones that I had not previously posted for one reason or another. I took a fancy to this one that I shot back in '07 during the Red River Exhibition.
Red River Ex

This was my picture of the day from Friday. I shot it out the front window of the car a few blocks from home. As you can see, Spring is still a ways off for us.

I had this setup running when I first started tackling our network issues last week. I was trying to determine if the problem was with the server in the basement, or with our range extender in the hall (which is actually an ASUS router which I re-purposed). I fired up my old Dell laptop because it had some software that let me find the address of the repeater on the wireless network. Alas, I apparently forgot to set a password, so unless I do a factory reset, I am effectively locked out of it.

I set up the Surface next to it to see if I could get the software to work on that, since it is considerably smaller, faster, and less unwieldy. The old Dell really owes me nothing after all these years, and other than being a bit slow to start up, it is still reliable as heck. The contrast between technology separated by ten years is quite striking.
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