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We returned to a new downtown sandwich place we first tried a few weeks back, and it was just as good on the second visit. The place has a modern vibe of hipster and kitsch, and the food is definitely not geared toward the budget-minded, but they deliver a premium product at what I consider to be a reasonable cost.

After our second visit, I decided to log my findings in Zomato (formerly Urban Spoon), and I was disappointed to see a few 1-star ratings. As I read them, I found myself shaking my head over how typical they were of the small-town attitude pervades this city. One reviewer posted a snotty, single-star review because he went there late on opening day and they had run out of some of the ingredients. Most of the other bad reviews were from people grousing about the prices.

"I could go to Joe's Greasy Shitburgers in Transcona and get twice as much food for this price!"

What can I say? I've lived here long enough to know that on average, Winnipeg folk are cheapskates. A few years back, the neighbourhood was holding a public barbecue down at St John's park, where everyone was welcome to some free ribs or a burger. Though neither of us was hungry, atara and I rode down there to check it out. The line for food was at least 100-125 people in length and four across. While most would get their food and wander off to eat, there were a fair number who made a beeline to the back of the queue so that they could wait in line for seconds while they ate. Folks here like a bargain.

Fortunately the city seems to have grown sufficiently that we may have enough people to support these more - if not fancy, at least moderately upscale - eateries.

On another front, I have made it through a whole month without missing a day on my "picture a day" project.
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