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Almost a month in and...

I have managed to get in a picture every day this month, but with my long work hours, sedentary habits, and the cold weather, I am starting to find myself flailing about in the evenings when I realize that it is time for bed and I have not taken a picture yet. That's when I end up with ones like this:


I put the bottle of catnip in front of Merry and hoped that she would do something interesting. She expressed mild interst in the bottle, but she has no interest in the catnip inside. This is shitty catnip. Both of our cats love catnip, but this stuff does nothing for them. Kong makes a very good catnip spray, but the place that sold it no longer carries it. In fact, every time I find a catnip spray that my cats like, it either gets discontinued or dropped by local distributors after I buy one bottle.

Speaking of getting dropped from things, as quickly as I got put onto a fail project at work, I was just as quickly removed to do other work. One of the main problems with this project is that it is trying to cram too much into an insanely tight time-line. One might compare the goal of this project to putting all of ones eggs in a single basket, except that they are attempting to put the whole chicken coops into the basket, they need them in there by the end of tomorrow, and they haven't yet found a supply for lumber to begin building the coops. I was on the project until people figured out that the tool they intended for me to use had no hope of dealing with the volume of data this thing would produce.

At the moment I am helping a different project get through quality assurance since the developer who was working on it quit before it was complete. I managed to complete the first of two sprints on it today, and I plan to handle a few things I had to put aside for it tomorrow before I start on the next sprint. The developer who produced this thing made some ... interesting design choices. I know why he did what he did, but I ended up commenting out a lot of his hard work in the interests of removing needless redundancy, and making the code easier to read. He is a more advanced coder than I am, but from what I have seen of his work, sometimes he seems to make things needlessly complicated just because.

Even though I am officially off the fail project (though they are only learned of that today), I still joined one of their on-line meetings today at the request of their coordinator. I feel bad for them, because they are aware that they have been tasked with something that will need a minor miracle to make it to completion in even double the time they have been allotted. It was a little awkward to hear our data architects laugh at various points in the call and then say, "Wait, you mean you're serious?"
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