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Picture of the Day

Only eighteen days in and I have already taken my first throw-away picture. The last time I embarked on this, I have this vague memory of it taking me at least a couple of months to arrive at that point.

Worse, this is not entirely a case of "quick, what have I got on my desk that I can shoot?" I had been planning a shot of the phone for some time, but I wanted to compose it a bit better and actually make it a halfway artsy shot.

Anyway, as much as I dislike some of the bloat that Samsung puts on their phones, they also include a few nice touches as well. I like how I can pop out the stylus and immediately scribble down a quick note without having to power up, sign in or run anything. I've used it a few times when I needed to save a thought.

Merry always looks so much more dramatic in black and white. Though this is not by intentional design, I have noticed that all three pictures of her that I have included in my "picture a day" so far this year have been in black and white.
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