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I had a remarkably unproductive day today. atara had made up a list of chores that we planned to work through today, but other than tackling a few token things, I spent much of the day parked in front of my computer working on my Alliance alt in WoW.

Normally I would just write it off to an attack of lazy, but I felt really mediocre today. I woke up with a headache and things gradually went downhill from there. I felt a little better by mid-afternoon after I took another pain killer, and chased it with a slice of the interesting bread that atara whipped up in the bread machine today.

I attribute much of today's woes to stress and too little sleep all of last week, combined with oversleeping badly this morning.

They have gone with some interesting, Atomic Age retro décor in our new office lunch room. I approve.
Office Lunch Room
Tags: saturday, wow
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