the Sweet Smell of Burning Fur (plonq) wrote,
the Sweet Smell of Burning Fur

Coffee break

After spending most of the day so far on my feet, I needed to sit for a stretch as much to rest as to peel down and dry out a bit from sweat.

I used to frequent this place fairly reqularly when I lived out here, not so much to sit and drink like I am doing now, but to buy bags of their whole-bean coffee. Continental was one of the first artisan roasters to pop up during the coffee wave of the 80s, and I became quite a fan of a couple of their house blends.

I am pleased to see that they are still in business, unlike some of the other places along this stretch that I used to haunt. Although I have found some good sources for gourmet coffees out in Winnipeg now, I decided to buck up for a couple bags of the coffee from here to see if it is as good as I remember.

I walked a lot yesterday, and either I am showing my age, or just a victim of my sedentary nature of late, but my feet and calves are punishing me today. They are really going to hate me in a bit because I am planning to take the train up to the stadium and walk down into Chinatown before I head back to the hotel. That will add a couple more miles to my day. If I set myself a goal of 10,000 steps a day, I think I will likely have a week of credit built up before this trip ends.
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