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Auld lang syne

I have not ruled out doing a picture a day in 2016 like I did a few years back. I had been tentatively planning to do it this year, but when I thought I was going to be spending the first few months working long hours on strike relief, I shelved the idea. There are no pending strikes in the coming year though.

One of the reasons why I am considering it is because it would encourage me to take more pictures. I have been going through some of my older shots lately, looking for ones that might be salvageable, or simply overlooked in the sheer volume of shots I was taking back then. One thing that strikes me when I look at them now is that even though I was shooting more back then, the ones that I take now are composed better.

I found this one hiding in a batch of shots from 2005/2006. I guess I never used it at the time because the original was blurry - the auto-focus on our old Olympus was very sluggish - and I did not have decent software to try and address that. There was only so much I could do for the blurriness, so I tweaked the picture a bit to make the blur part of the picture, rather than an unwanted artefact. I think it adds to the mystique.

This was from the (long defunct) vegan, counter-culture coffee bar where we used to hold regular furmeets.
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