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Spot the fish

Believe it or not, there is a fish hiding somewhere in this photograph. It saw me approaching the tank with my camera, and after a moment of furious fishy panic, it quickly manoeuvred itself into a position where it would be mostly obscured from direct viewing, and nigh invisible against the background. Such a clever fish. Surely if it was not in a sealed tank, and I was a fish-eating predator it would be perfectly safe.

Spot the fish

So far I am impressed with the camera in this phone - especially in lighting conditions as poor as they were for this shot. The images are not quite as sharp as you would get with a real lens, but the fact that it supports shooting RAW gives me a lot of leeway to play with sharpness and detail after the fact. I cleaned up this shot a bit after the fact, but after playing with a couple of different crops, I decided to keep the original image.

Little owl in a big pen
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