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While friends we wish we could see are whooping it up at MFF in Chicago this weekend, atara and I are spending a few days off hanging around town. We plan to do some work around the house for at least part of this time off, but the past two days have been spent gallivanting about the town. Yesterday we ran around taking care of chores downtown, and then spent the afternoon at The Forks. I think it might be the first time we've been there since my brother moved away, so we were due for a visit.

Today we took in the new polar bear exhibit at the zoo.

One of the things that I've always been jealous of atara's camera for is its panorama mode. My new phone has a fairly decent camera in it now, and it has a passable panorama mode.

The critters were especially frisky with the cool weather.
Shots from Winnipeg

Of course there are those who live beneath the weather, but they were also pretty active.
Shots from Winnipeg

The wolves are only temporary guests at the zoo. Apparently, they are rather problematic and caused bit of a stir when they got busy one night and tunnelled into the polar bear exhibit. No permanent damage was done, but the wolves had pause to question their life choices.
Shots from Winnipeg

And then there's, uh, these.
Shots from Winnipeg
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