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It went ... OK.

I wen through my year-end review with my new manager today, and it went okay. He has no idea what I do, so I had to explain each of my objectives in detail, and justify why I put them there. He asked me to revise some of my wording to make it more measurable, and given more definitive achieved results, but that's the point of these reviews. It's his job to sell it to his manager once I am done with it.

From there, the review gets passed up to the chain where they have a committee of higher managers who go through a calibration process. This is where they shake them all up in a hat and then draw them at random to decide who achieved their objectives, who failed their objectives, and who did out-fucking-standing.

I'm serious. If everybody in a department meets their objectives for the year, they will arbitrarily fail some, and lionize others in order to create some semblance of a bell curve. This is supposed to increase employee engagement.

It does. I am very engaged in counting my years, months, days, hours and minutes until I can pull the pin with a full pension.
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