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Winter is com... oh wait, it's here.

The weatherman came through on his threat of snow, and our double-digit high on Tuesday turned into a blizzard on Wednesday evening.

Yesterday was still pretty miserable, so we left the shoveling for tonight. My hunch is that "tonight" is going to quickly turn into "tomorrow" because it is much more pleasant to shovel snow by daylight. I'm OK with that, since we no longer have to worry about keeping things clear for mail delivery.

It begins

I had one of those "wtf?" moments today when I went to use the washroom at work. As I was standing there taking care of, er, business I noticed that my face was starting to feel rather flush. In fact my whole head was starting to feel downright hot. That is not normal - at least, it's not normal for me. I don't recall reading or hearing that it's normal for anybody else. Do others get hot flashes when they are relieving themselves?

If I tended more toward hypochondria, I would probably have begun to fret, but I was more bemused than anything else. Given that having my head heat up during that activity was not normal, I concluded that there must be something else at play; something that did not necessarily mean that the homeostasis of my head was malfunctioning. There had to be an exothermic explanation for my hotheadedness.

I did some sleuthing - once I was finished my other chores - and noticed that part of the ceiling had a slightly different finish than the rest. It ran along the long wall of the washroom over the urinals and stalls, and turned left on the far wall to stop just shy of the sinks. This bit of ceiling also differed from the rest in that it was radiating a tremendous amount of heat.

It wasn't hot yesterday, nor even first thing this morning, so I guess they must have activated another part of the heating system sometime after my first visit. I guess somebody involved in the design of this office wanted to ensure that nobody would have to touch an icy seat during the winter.
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