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atara dropped Belladonna at the vet on her way in to work this morning for some teeth cleaning and, depending on the results of the cleaning, a possible extraction or two. Obviously we are worried since there are no guarantees when they put your cat under for any kind of surgery. She's been anesthetized before without any bad reactions, so I am optimistic.

In there was a recent local homicide where the victim had filed a protection order against the murderer. Naturally the local media have latched onto this story and are milking it for ratings. As I was driving in this morning, they were interviewing the sister of a woman who was killed in a similar situation out in Calgary. This woman is championing the cause for requiring mandatory tracking devices for anyone has a restraining, or protection order filed against them.

The host pointed out that the system is far from perfect, and even subject to abuse at times, and putting a tracking device on everyone who is the target of a restraining or protection order could result in innocent people being tracked.

The advocate's response was chilling and priceless. Innocent people should want to wear a tracking device so that they can prove their innocence.

That makes sense. By extension, innocent people should be happy to have their houses routinely searched, and be stopped and frisked in the street so that they can prove their continued innocence. Maybe we could tap their phones and monitor their online activities too.

This is the kind of fertile ground where bills like C51 find nourishment for their roots. Fortunately, they brought in a sane person once they were done with her and they wrapped up the segment with a refreshing bit of non-crazy.

Tea for two
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