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Curry Crisis

The chicken guy at the farmers' market yesterday changed up his pattern for the final market of the year, and offered breasts and thighs for sale instead of whole chickens. As with all of this fare, they were free range and enormous. The breasts came two to a pack, so atara put one in the freezer, and I cut up the other to make Thai curry.

Red Thai chicken has become a cold-weather staple in our house, and over time I have honed the recipe to be consistently good.

Last night should have been no exception, but something went horribly wrong. One of the tricks I use when making the curry is to reserve some of the coconut milk and mix it with the curry paste so that we don't get little surprise lumps of the past hiding in the final dish. I was feeling a bit impish last night and decided to mix in an extra amount of the sauce to see if I could bring a sweat to atara's brow at dinner.

I could tell that something was wrong with my first bite. My usual method for estimating the flavour and heat of this dish is based on its colour. The colour of the curry suggested that it should have been full-flavoured, with a mild burn, but the dish was flavourless and bland. At first I thought maybe it was just me, but after we had been eating in relative silence for a minute or so, atara finally asked, "How much curry paste did you put in this?"

In the end, I went back and added the rest of the jar to the curry, but all it seemed to do was darken the colour without adding any flavour or zing. We have bought this brand of paste before, and it was pretty good, so I wondered if we had just got a bad jar. I looked up online comments about the sauce after dinner, and I found that others were complaining about the same thing.

"This paste used to be really good, but now it is bland and flavourless."

Note to future self: do not buy this brand again.

In other news, I am stuck doing on-call support though work this weekend. To that end I got to spend 3+ hours on a conference call that started just around midnight my time and run until about 3:00 (well, 2:00 after the time change). On the plus side, everything ran perfectly and we got kudos from the managing director. On the downside, I was on a conference call until 3:00 this morning.

I got a call from work later in the morning (closer to 10) asking about a report that has apparently not run in a couple of days. I dug around until I got stumped, then called one of our server administrators and picked his brain. We finally managed to track down the reports, but we could not find anything wrong at our end. Eventually I called back the operations centre and asked them if they could contact the business and coax more details out of them.

When he got back to me he said, "Oh, apparently they figured out it's not at your end, but with HP. They've opened a ticket with the vendor."

Gee, thanks for telling us that earlier. There's another hour out of my weekend that I will never get back.

Finally, on another front...

I am rediscovering what a pain in the hindquarters it can be to configure a new phone from scratch; it made me appreciate anew just how many services I am subscribed to. I finally got my my email servers configured today, so my phone should be fully functional now. I am going to power down the old one and see if the new one is catching everything now.
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