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Yesterday was a pretty busy one for us, and we managed to do everything on our list except cut the overgrown lawn. I had planned to tackle that today, but it clouded over during the night and dropped a lot of rain on us that they had not been calling for. Assuming their forecast is not as woefully wrong as it was yesterday for today, it is supposed to be sunny and dry all week, so maybe I'll try tackling the lawn again tomorrow or Tuesday.

We started our day with a tour of my new office. They opened it up for tours yesterday since we are due to start moving in there sometime next week. For a change, I have a desk in an enviably good location. After grabbing some coffee and snacks there, we took off to the farmers' market for our usual selection of local produce.

Finally, we drove down to the art gallery to take in the current exhibit before it could leave. They had one or two pieces by the artist whose speciality is oversized, lifelike babies, but the main attraction was a selection of Greek and Roman sculptures. They were a little vague on whether these were just replicas, or originals on loan from Germany, but either way it was a very good display.

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