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When cultures clash

When I think of Swedish fare, one of the first foods that I do not think of is poutine.

When we stopped to grab dinner before shopping at IKEA this evening, I noticed that they were offering it as a "Winnipeg IKEA exclusive" on their menu, so I decided to give it a try.

Overall, it was actually much better than I was expecting when I ordered it. I don't order poutine very often - usually just to try it when I see a new place offering it. More often than not, I regret ordering it because most places do not know how to prepare it right, and you end up with a gloppy, salty, greasy flavourless concoction.

I would rate this one about the middle of the pack for poutines that I have tried. It was less salty or greasy than some that I have eaten in other venues, but the meatballs made it a bit heavier than I'd have liked - though that is partly my own fault for spending the extra $1.99 to double up on them.
IKEA Poutine
I think if I was going to order this again (and I might), I would ask for a side of lingonberry to bring a bit of brightness to the dish. Also, I would not double up on the meatballs.
Tags: food, ikea, meatballs, poutine
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