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I believe I can fly

Blizzard has finally released the patch that allows flying in the new zones.

I've been putting it to use collecting a lot of the chests that were too annoying to go after earlier. It has also helped a lot in the jungle quests. I had stopped doing those once I had all the prerequisites for a flying mount, but being able to fly has made it less soul-crushing, and I've decided to farm a bit more reputation with the factions down there.

On the work front...

I am on call again this week at work. Last week was pretty quiet, so I had some hope that this week would be quiet as well.

It was quiet for almost four hours.

I got a wake-up call at 3:50 this morning by our operations centre because one of our critical reports had not started on time. The alert message advised them to call our group, so they called me.

The guy on the operations desk is fairly inexperienced, so I cut him a bit of slack and told him who he really needed to call, but I assured him that I would stay on the line until things were working again. I was actually just being pragmatic with that second part because I knew that I would just get called again if they could not resolve the issue with the delayed report. While my group does not control or produce it, we do have dependencies on it for our executive dashboard.

The support guy from the other group managed to fix it within minutes, and I stayed on long enough to update our call logs, and to ensure that the rest of the dashboard process would tick through properly. I crawled back into bed around 4:40, but it was another hour before I could get back to sleep.

This evening I got another call at around 20:30. In a slightly surreal twist, it was the same guy on the operations desk who had called me this morning. I guess they work a staggered shift, so the first call came almost at the end of his shift, and the evening call came at the start of his next shift.

It is stressful every time this support phone rings - enough so that when I went to bed last night, I was jarred awake at least three times because I thought I heard the phone ring as I was dozing off. I fully expect to be dragged out of bed by it again tomorrow morning.

The person on support had a very quiet week last week, so I was hoping for the same. Alas, I have already fielded as many calls in one day as she did all of last week.

Not off to a great start.
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