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Vacation bleah

After atara shoved me awake for the fourth time last night because my snoring was keeping her awake, I finally rolled out of bed at 3:00 this morning and entertained myself on the computer until she got up.

When she left for work, I went to lie down again for an hour or two. I woke up around noon in a pool of my own drool, feeling fuzzy and lethargic as I am wont to do when I oversleep too badly.

Other than that, I felt OK when I first got up, so I made myself a coffee and and a fried-egg/leftover pulled pork sandwich for breakfast. Within a couple more hours I was feeling hung over, complete with nausea and a splitting headache that made it miserable to do anything. I took a couple of aspirin, and that took the edge off the headache for awhile, but every time I stood up or moved around, it came throbbing back with a vengeance. In short, I spent the day sitting around and feeling like crap.

About mid-afternoon I fetched myself a glass of carrot juice, as comfort more than anything, and about ten minutes after I finished it, I was feeling marginally better. I poured myself another glass, and it helped some more. I followed that up with two large glasses of water, and spent the afternoon parked on my ass in front of my computer watching old episodes of cooking shows and drinking water. By 16:00 I was feeling well enough to go wash the dishes, and then shave and shower myself.

I am starting to think that my problem was not so much oversleeping, as dehydration. When I unwrapped the pork yesterday, there was a good cup and a half of fluid with it in the foil. After I shredded it, I wrapped it all back up again, and it reabsorbed the liquid. In retrospect, I should have poured the liquid off because I think it may have been brine that cooked out of the meat. The pork is really good, but it is a bit salty - even for my taste. I suspect the combination of having just that and coffee for breakfast leached me of too much liquid, leading to my dehydration.

I have never heard of getting hung over from too much salt, but it makes sense. Well, actually a combination of that and oversleeping - I always feel worse if I get too much sleep than not enough. It also makes sense why drinking lots of fluids (my usual treatment for a hangover - not that I get them very often any more) would bring relief.

It just sucks that I did not manage to accomplish anything today. I'd had plans for my vacation time (mostly fall cleaning around the house).

Footprints in the sand
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