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Conducting myself accordingly

I mentioned here the other day that I had dodged a bullet with the "voluntary" conductor training at work. It's not that I don't want to learn the operating rules, or even conduct a train, but they've been using managers to fill vacancies rather than hiring more crews. There are people from my office who have been shipped to remote areas of Northern Saskatchewan for weeks on end.

I remoted into my work machine this afternoon to make sure things were not behaving badly while I am on vacation (they were), and I noticed an email from my boss - who is also on vacation.

He said that they are no longer interested in sending me for conductor training. Huzzah! I mean that could be bad too, since it might mean they are looking at me as being too close to the expendable end of the employment scale to be worth investing more training in.

Oh wait, there was more.

It seems they have decided that I'd be better suited for Engineer training instead. He wanted us to respond by end of day if we had any objections to that.

Hang on - recap time.

1) I am on vacation.
2) My boss (also on vacation) sends an email saying they want to send me for engineering training, but if I have any objections then I should
3) Respond by by email before the end of today.
4) I am on vacation today, and he and the Sr Director know that.
5) This is the same Sr Director who told us in no uncertain terms that we were not to do company work while we are on vacation.

Something about this kinda stinks.

Still, it might be fun to get to play with life-sized trains. Choo Choo!

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