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First day of vacation

I did virtually nothing yesterday. I had a few half considered plans for the day, but I decided that my brain needed one solid day of inactivity.

I did some very minor cleaning, and changed a light bulb in the bathroom.


The bathroom light fixture has three globes, each with a different style of bulb. One has a 60W incandescent bulb, one has a 13W white florescent bulb, and the last has a 60W-equivalent LED bulb. The bulb makers have been pushing the florescent and LED bulbs as low-power, long-lasting replacements for the incandescent bulbs. The last four bulbs I have changed out in there have either been florescent, or (today) LED. The remaining incandescent bulb has outlasted three florescent ones and an LED bulb.

I am more than a little miffed about the LED bulb though. These things are expensive, and they are supposed to have a lifespan that lasts well into the heat death of the universe. That said, this bulb was the one I had changed out the most recently in there. I put this bulb in there last fall with the intention of eventually replacing all of the bulbs in there with LED ones. I would be surprised if we got more than 400 hours of use out of it before it died.

Not happy.
Tags: food, lazy
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