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Looking Roguish

After months of sending out my garrison followers on missions, they finally brought me the last piece I needed for my fugly rogue transmogrification set.

This was all gear that came out of the salvage crates that my followers brought back from their missions. I had been vendoring the gear, assuming it was just random stuff like Ball-Crushing Codpiece of The Monkey and the like. As it continued to show up, I came to realize that it was actually a wearable set - even an upgrade for starting players.

And when I tried a couple of pieces of it on, they were remarkably ugly when seen in juxtaposition with my existing gear. At that moment I decided that I had to collect the whole for both of my main characters and create an eye-jarringly hideous outfit for each.

I avoided looking at any more of it until had finally completed at least one of the sets. Since my priest has more followers, she got the full set first. I chortled all the way to Ashram to transform the look of my otherwise attractive gear, and when I copped a look at the final product, I was surprised to find out that the completed set actually looks pretty good.

It does not have the aggressive, big-shouldered, spiky appearance of raid or pvp gear, rather it has a somewhat serene, priest-like look to it.

The full helm on the rogue set looks a little silly, but replacing it with something more aesthetic would defeat the whole point in transmogrifying to this set.

I don't think a lot of people bothered collecting either of these sets - I know a few have, based on forum posts, but not many. In a small way, this is my chance to look somewhat unique. Not pretty, perhaps, but distinct.
New Rogue ArmourErui
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