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Garlic galore

We hit up two farmers' markets yesterday and took in the smaller market at the Red River Exhibition grounds after our usual trip to the one in St Norbert. The one at the Ex is considerably smaller, but it has a few unique vendors who go there over the other market for a variety of reasons (easier to get space, lower cost per stall, etc). The market at the Red River grounds is where we accidentally bought half of a lamb late last summer.

This time around there was a vendor selling fresh watermelons (the ones with the yellow flesh that I like so much). He was also selling garlic braids.
This should be enough to keep us smelling bad for a few weeks.

We use a fair bit of garlic in our cooking, so we debated for a couple of minutes and then bought one. We picked it up as much for the garlic as for the aesthetic of hanging it in our kitchen.

The only things missing to round out this picture are a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and a bottle of balsamic vinegar. We use a lot of those too.
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