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Windows 10 - so far, so good.

I don't have it for my desktop yet, but I updated my Surface to Windows 10 earlier in the week. So far it feels much more like Windows 8.1 did than, say Windows 7. I didn't mind Windows 8, but I this feels like they put a bit more thought into it. Important things are more readily available at a single click, for example.

If you liked 8, you will probably like this. If you liked 7, you probably won't mind this. I am curious to see how it acts on my desktop, but on my Surface it defaulted to acting like a desktop OS, but it has the option to swap out its feel to be more tablet-friendly. Switching it to tablet-friendly mode swapped it to a Metro-like mode. It's recognizable as Metro, but a bit less clunky. Whether in desktop or tablet mode, it has a "Task View" button on the taskbar that brings up a tiled view of all your active tasks for quick switching.

Although I found that I did not really miss it in Windows 8, they have brought back a variation on the start button. It is nameless now, and simply has the same pattern on it as the left Windows key. Clicking on it, or pressing the key both have the same effect of popping up the menu. It defaults to listing your most used apps, along with power and settings, and a small array of tiles for things like mail, weather, and the like. You can also launch the file explorer, or view "all apps" to have it come up more like the traditional start button.

The UI itself looks very clean, modern and - dare I say - stark. I don't dislike it, but I'm not entirely sure if I am sold on it either. If you like clean, sharp lines with no shading or subtlety then you will like the UI. I appreciate that it feels like a UI that is there to serve you, and not get in your way with lots of flash.

Anyway, enough about Windows and more about chocolate. When atara and I were out shopping today, we spotted these. She was prepared to ignore them as a curiosity, but I declared that "these are relevant to my interests."

I let it be known that I was going to buy one, even if she had no interest, but it turns out she was more interested than I had thought, and she grabbed one for each of us.
Tabasco Chocolate
They are quite good. The chocolate is definitely above average, and they packed a pleasing, but not overpowering bite. I would recommend them.
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