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After dark

They replaced the sodium streetlights in our neighbourhood with LED lights back in the spring, and now that the sun is going down a bit earlier, I can start to appreciate the marked difference in the mood that they lend after dark. The LED lamps cast a much more natural shade, but they also cast a more intense and direct light. The spaces between the lights are much darker, and the shadows are crisper.

What really caught my eye this evening is the play of shadows across the street and sidewalks as the wind picks up in advance of an approaching storm. The streetlight is shining through the canopy of the neighbour's elm tree, causing inky shadows to dart hither and fro like little black demons darting between the branches. I have seen many streetlights shining through trees in the past, but the shadows cast by this one are so crisp and distinct that they take on a far more solid appearance.

Very cool.
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