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Calling this staff shitty would be doing a disservice to that word. This is so bad that it's insulting.

This dropped off one of the things I took out while doing dailies in the jungle zone, and even though it is only item level 650, I have a one-use device that will boost its item level to 695.

This weapon came in the form of a token - which is a potential weapon. It description promised that "on use, this will create a weapon appropriate to your current specialization (Holy)." I have long since geared past item level 650, but a level 695 staff would have been an upgrade for me.

Once I got back to my garrison, I made sure I was in my Holy specialization, and I right-clicked the token to create my upgrade. This was the result:
wtf staff

This isn't just bad, it is downright insulting. I am not sure at what point creating a weapon that is "appropriate to your current specialization" means creating one with the two least desired upgrades for your class and specialisation. I don't know if they intentionally designed it to create a bad weapon, or if the wording on the token is bullshit and they generate the results at random. Either way, I am not impressed. It is little things like this that are making me start to lose interest in this game after all this time. That, and the current expansion is pretty crappy.

Mostly crappy.

The raiding is actually very good in this expansion. It is the interesting raids, and fun people in our guild that have kept me subscribed. The rest of this expansion has left me flat. The garrison - and even the new shipyard - are just daily chores that I do for gold. I don't find them fun or engaging. I think that their decision to not give us flying mounts in this expansion - especially after ensuring that the bulk of our mounts are flying ones that we can't use - is insulting. I think that they way that they are finally giving us flying mounts after all of the push back from the player base is also a bit insulting.

To get the ability to fly again you have to grind up reputation with new factions in the game through a series of gruelling, gated daily grinds. Then, after you have finally competed all of that, you will have to wait until the next content patch to get your flying mounts back. Others disagree, but to me it feels like they are finally giving us back our mounts at the tail end of the expansion when they really don't do any good any more. We finally get back something that would have made this expansion suck a lot less when it is so late in the expansion as to make very little difference. I am not impressed.

I've had complaints about previous expansions, and each has had its problems. Most were due to bad decisions, or technical missteps, but this is the first that has felt like most of its badness has come from hubris. At some point Blizzard stopped caring what the players wanted, and their dropping subscription numbers have shown that. Unless they do some serious naval gazing, I have a feeling this might be my last expansion in this game.
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