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I have never known, and will never know a time when I am not alive. Does that make me immortal?

I picked up a cold while I was visiting Ohio, and every time I think I have given it the shake, it casually back-hands me again. This time I am certain that I am on the mend. Yesterday was a hellish day of coughing until my body was a full ring of hurting muscles, and my throat was in shreds. I only managed to get about an hour of sleep the previous night because I'd have coughing fits every time I nearly dozed off, yet I had to keep myself alert because I only had until the end of the day to fill out and review my mid-year performance.

I was feeling a little better last night, but after hacking and wheezing for about an hour, I got up and banished myself to the front of the house so that at least atara could get some sleep. I guess my tired finally outstripped my coughing, because I fell asleep after about an hour of intermittent coughing and dozing, and then awoke when it was light outside. I debated going back to the bedroom where we have AC, but I didn't want to wake atara, and I figured there was no point in messing with success if I was sleeping well on the divan. I dozed off again and did not awaken again until nearly 8.

Still coughing this evening, but not nearly as badly as I have been the past few nights. I will reluctantly take another shot of Nyquil tonight, and take a long, steamy shower before bed to clear my airways as much as I can before I turn in. I am reluctant to take any cold medicine tonight because I've been taking it for a solid week now, and I don't like the way it messes with my system.

Nyquil also causes me to experience some really weird dreams.

Not just weird dreams, but each night I will experience variants of the same strange dream over and over again. That is, a different dream each night, but the same thematic dream over the course of the night.

For example, on one of my Nyquil-fevered nights, I dreamt that I needed to memorize all of the GPS coordinates for our drive home from Ohio. Somehow this was work-related, since the interface for it strongly resembled some of the tools that I use at the office. I was calling up the GPS maps, opening up the supporting data, refreshing it to fill in missing or blank fields, then pressing a Save button that supposedly wrote those out to my brain. Over and over, with different actors entering the dream and leaving again, but always writing GPS coordinates out to my brain. I woke up a couple of times in the night, and when I fell asleep again - same dream.

Another night I had a series of apocalyptic, end-of-the-world dreams. In one, we were on a collision course with another planet. It was coming up on the side of the world opposite us, but we knew it was just a matter of minutes away at that point, and our main concern was how much we were going to suffer before it was all over. In another, the sun had exploded. We knew the moment it happened, and we were just waiting the eight minutes for the end to reach us. In all, I remember there being at least five of these dreams. In each one, there was an underlying wryness through the horror; hadn't we already been through this and all died at least a couple of times already?

Then things got weird. In the final dream, I knew that the end was going to result from gravity failing. The laws of nature were undergoing a shift, and gravity was going to quit working. For some reason, this one bothered me more than the earlier ones. I found out that Gaia was responsible, so I decided to track her down in the last minutes we had remaining. When I found her, she looked remarkably like Rarity, sporting a blindfold much like the one worn by Lady Justice. She was annoyed with how things had worked out with her creation, and she was going to hit the reset button on nature and try it again.

I did my best to convince her that we weren't all that bad, and that there was enough good in humanity to make it worth saving. She really didn't want to destroy the world, so she promised to consider my words. I gave her a hug and thanked her for at least thinking about it. As I was hugging her, things started getting very light as if gravity was shutting down, but I woke up before learning if she decided to reverse her decision or not.

Like I said, Nyquil does strange things to my dreams.

Stop while you're a head
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