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Indoor stuff

Given that we are here during the spring, we should have known that the weather might be wet for our visit, but the steady stream of rain has been a bit disappointing.

Today we opted fort some inexpensive, kid-friendly, indoor activities and we went on a family outing up to the Cleveland National History Museum. While not quite up to the standards of the art museum that we took in here a few years ago, it was fun, interesting, and kid-friendly. Our niece and nephew both loved it (her more than him), and I managed to get some good shots.

Here we have a leopard caught eternally in the act of catching a hapless gazelle.
A Leap of Leopard

Meet Lucy. Not the real Lucy, but a lifelike facsimile of the same. She was much shorter than I was expecting, slightly taller than my niece, but shorter than my nephew.

What does the fox say? Zzzzzz. Curiously, the museum has added an outdoor section with a small selection of live animals, including foxes and otters. The fox had gone into standby for the afternoon by the time we came by.
What does the fox say?

There were little Easter eggs hidden here and there in the museum. This pair was in a strange little diorama that you had to look up to spot. I wonder how many people go through the museum every day without noticing this pair.

The otters were a veritable flurry of frolic. The two of them were in constant motion, and I finally gave up trying to frame a shot, and simply pressed the camera to the glass and pressed the shutter when I thought they might be in the frame. Sometimes photography can be 10% framing and 90% luck.
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