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atara is having a horrible day, so I am making emergency brownies. There are few emotional ailments that brownies won't fix.

I did something new yesterday - new to me anyway - and sketched out the outline for a story from start to finish. I usually write in a freestyle form, letting the story guide itself as I go, but this is an idea that I have been mulling on for a bit, and I wanted to ensure that I got a rough of it into words before I forgot any of the key elements.

I had hoped to start writing the story itself this week, but I've been on-call with work since Friday, and I've been getting progressively earlier wake-up calls every day except this morning.

This morning I dreamt that the phone rang and woke up just after 4. Alas, though I managed to doze fitfully before my alarm, I never got properly back to sleep. Thus I am too tired and fuzzy-brained to do any real writing.

After this weekend I am hoping to start catching up on my sleep again, and maybe get in some writing during our down time. We shall see. Fingers are crossed.
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