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I find it amazing how I can be so busy, yet accomplish so little in my life lately.

We trekked into town this weekend to take in one of the walking tours in the "Doors Open" event the city was holding this weekend. Yesterday we did a self-guided walking tour past many of the historical houses in a neighbourhood that neither of us had ever been to. Today we took a walking tour through the Exchange District where the guide pointed out, and filled us in on the history of a number of ghost signs around the older parts of town.

It was a fascinating tour, full of enlightening bits about the people, politics and commerce that built this city. I am glad that they are finally starting to regard these painted signs with the same view toward heritage as they do for the buildings that host them.

I took a few pictures on the tour, and if atara finishes up in WoW before too much later, I'll burn up some bandwidth and append them to the end of this post.

In the meantime, here is an old picture of Merry. I have been going through some of the thousands of pictures I have on my hard drive, looking for ones that I think are worth uploading. There are many that I simply did not post because I did not have decent software at the time to deal with some of their technical problems. Now I can actually salvage ones like this.

I am not usually one to get into shipping in a fandom, but I confess that I have taken a shine to this particular pairing. I daresay I might even write a fanfic.

Twidash - Dance
by mysticalpha on DeviantArt
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