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Do it yourself

We finally found a home for the old table and hutch in our dining room on Saturday, so yesterday we rolled up our sleeves and set to assembling the Ikea table and chairs we bought about a year and a half ago. Until yesterday, it had been standing up behind our existing table in its set of oddly-flat Ikea boxes.

After a few miscues when we misread the hieroglyphics on the official Ikea instruction pamphlets and assembled a few bits backward, we managed to get it all put together with minimal injuries and an intact marriage.

Merry "helped".

Belladonna showed up a bit later too, and we had to contend with two very inquisitive cats who wanted to inspect every part before we could assemble it.

Our perseverance and patience paid off, however, and we eventually had a serviceable dining room set. It fits with the mid-century modern look we have been working toward. At some point soon we are going to see about replacing the buffet we gave away with something from a place down town that specialises in 50-60s era Danish furniture that would match well with this table.
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