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One of the two inevitabilities of life

We file our taxes today. For the past three weekends we have made ourselves a promise that we would file them that weekend, and for three weekends in a row we have managed to let it slide. It's not even that we were even actively avoiding them, since the software we use has enough wizards and prompts that if it could OCR our T4s, T5s and the like, it wouldn't even need us at the keyboard. Our last couple of weekends have simply ended up busier than we had anticipated.

On the plus side (literally) we are both getting a return this year. Most years, atara has ended up owing a small sum at the end of the year, but this year we have modest, net return. We certainly won't be putting a down payment on a new yacht with our returns, but even a small windfall is nice to get. We might put it toward getting some landscaping done behind the house though. We would like to turn our back yard into something that we can actively use -- in the narrow time window between snow and mosquito season.
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