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Snow snow snow

I had journal entry half composed in my head as I was taking the bus to work this morning. It was a long, thoughtful post full of deep social import.

Damned if I can remember a word of it now. I don't even remember what it was about. That's what my job is doing to me.

So I will bitch about the snow. After a week of short-sleeve weather, we woke to snow again this morning.

Snow? In Winnipeg? In April? What are the odds?!

100% obviously. Still, it sucks no less. Spring is such a tease.

We were comparatively busy this weekend past. We managed to clear just about everything off our "to do" list, including buying some new speakers for my computer. My old ones died on Thursday after making an alarming sound. No smoke escaped, but they lost all volume, and the controls no longer work. I can't turn them off or on, nor can I change the volume. Those speakers have outlasted three computer upgrades, so I can't say that they owe me anything.

We almost had a plumbing disaster on Friday. atara went down to the basement for something, and noticed that it smelled more than usual. On a whim, she lifted the cover on the sewage pit and saw that it was filled almost to the top. Given that the pit should nominally be empty, she ran up the stairs and caught me just as I was about to step into the shower. If I had showered, we'd likely have been dealing with a very smelly overflow into the basement.

Fortunately my work phone was already forwarded home, so I shooed her out the door without settled in to work from home. I called the same company who cleared our drain the last time it became blocked, and they showed up within the hour with a root-clearing machine. Thirty minutes later we were back in business.

Later that evening, we discovered that the plumber had left his jacket hanging down in our basement. I called the company again to let them know that we had his coat, and I got their answering service. More accurately, I got a confused girl who acted like the phone had never run during her shift, and who seemed barely capable of writing the simplest of messages.

Fortunately, she managed to convey enough information to somebody who mattered because a more capable person called us back a few minutes later. I explained the situation, and the caller said that the plumber had gone off duty about thirty minutes earlier. When she said that he would be working again on Saturday, I told her that we would be around until noon, and he was welcome to stop by any time during the morning to fetch his jacket.

He never showed.

I am planning to work from home again tomorrow, so I'll call them again in the morning to see if he, or any of them want to come by to pick it up. If they don't come for it tomorrow then I suppose we will just have to treat it as abandoned. At that point, there's little more to do than rifle its pockets for change and donate it to Value Village.
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