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I have mostly beaten this latest cold. What remains is a bit of stuffiness in the head, a lingering trace of a cough, and the utter inability to taste anything. It is the last bit that bothers me because it has been some time since a cold managed to completely remove my sense of taste and smell.

We lost our power for a couple of hours last night as the result of another pole fire. This has been our third significant outage in the past couple of months, all of them a result of power poles catching fire. After years of stable power, I hope this is not a harbinger of things to come.

Before the power went out, I got a picture of Merry cuddled up to her new favourite plushy. I don't know what it is even doing out here, but since she discovered it, she has taken to falling asleep with her head resting on it like a pillow.
Merry has a new friend
atara bought this for me when we were dating. I fell asleep more than once over the years with this little plush toy clutched firmly in my arms, but I guess it is time to pass it along to its new owner.
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