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My brother lost his job and I think I am coming down with a chest cold

There, I got all the suck over with in the subject line.

My little brother mentioned on Facebook that he was "pink slipped" at the start of the month. I don't know if that means he was given his notice then, or if that is when he was officially put out of a job. When our sister asked if he had any idea what he wanted to do next, he mentioned only that he would do everything in his power to avoid appliances.

He has been schlepping appliances for longer than I have been working for the railroad, so I imagine he must be sick of them by now. The job market is in reasonably decent shape out there just now, so I think he will find something before too long.

I sometimes wonder how things would have turned out for him if he had stayed on the mainland and taken a job with the railway instead of stubbornly moving back to the island to keep working in furniture delivery. I think his life would have been better, but mine would have been markedly different. We'd probably have split ownership on a house out in the suburbs once dad retired.

I might not have come to Winnipeg if I'd known that I had a place where I could crash long-term until I found something else when they moved our offices out here. If I had not come to Winnipeg I would not have become dreadfully lonely and started spending endless hours on-line where I met atara.

I think that in the end, his life would arguably have been better, and mine would have been worse. Not a bad life, just a little different, with a strange emptiness in it.

We went for a walk on the weekend to take advantage of the glorious weather. One of our stops was the conservatory, where they had some interesting new topiary on display (not pictured here). They had also set up this garden with three fountains. I slapped the neutral density filter on my lens and braced my camera on a bridge railing to get this shot. I think it made the fountains look a bit more interesting.

Two weeks ago we bundled up and went for a walk up the river. Last weekend we debated if we even needed jackets for our walk in the park. I am always amazed at how quickly the river starts to break up when the weather creeps above freezing. It is hard to tell from this shot, but those cracks stretch down a couple of feet before they fade from view.
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