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I am a leaf on the wind

They reorganized our IT department shortly before Christmas, firing some people, demoting others, and dissolving a couple of the groups. My group got dissolved, and we were split between three other groups in the process. Nobody is sure why we were split up, since the CIO had been showering us with praise over the value and quality of our work. My guess is that people with more political clout than my boss of the day wanted a piece of all the talented employees who were garnishing all the praise.

Earlier this week, our executive director sent out an email saying that we were being reorganized again, effective immediately. My new boss, and most of the people in my group are being moved over to a new group under a different executive director in the department. The rest of us will learn more about what is going on at a meeting that has been promised for a time frame vaguely offered as "next week".

Until that time, I have no manager, and no projects to work on. I have spent the bulk of this week sitting here inventing work and trying to look busy. It's not that I have any moral obligation against taking money for doing nothing, but I hate having nothing to do. I would rather be over-worked than under-worked. Ah well. Time to start moving columns around in a spreadsheet so that I can pretend that I am adding value.
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